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Remote SIM Products

SMB32 is an integrated controller for 32-way remote SIM card. It can convert the communication between the SIM card and the SIM connecting device to realize the remote separation of card and equipment.
SMB32 can control 32 SIM cards at the same time and offers such functions as hot plugging, quick online SIM exchange and timed exchange planning. The use of SMB32 and the corresponding device can realize the comprehensive management of the unattended devices and reduce the workload for SIM operation, such as SIM card replacement and account recharge.
In addition to the independent use, SMB32 can also be registered on the SIM Server of DBLTEK to manage over 10000 SIM cards and the corresponding devices at the same time.
SMB32 can work normally in the harsh network environment with the average packet loss rate <5% and the maximum time delay of 300ms.
SMB32 supports the dynamic DNS service of DBLTEK. Therefore, it can provide dynamic domain name resolution for the user with dynamic IP and reduce their expenses for leasing private line.

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