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DDNS Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Calling

DDNS P2P calling enables Peer-to-Peer calling for VoIP devices that are installed in a LAN environment.  The following two key concepts are adopted.

    1.  DDNS Server is used to resolve the public IP addresses which are required for VoIP calling.  Each VoIP device is authorized to register to DBL’s dedicated DDNS Server ( without applying for a DDNS account.

    2.  A SIP Server is used to handle call setup.  User can just dial the number assigned or just pick up the phone for autodial if hotline mode is enabled.  To simplify the system requirement and configuration, a simple SIP server is embedded in DBL’s VoIP Devices equipped with the DDNS P2P feature.

Any combinations of two VoIP devices with this DDNS P2P feature can be setup easily for Peer-to-Peer calling.  Two typical examples are shown this datasheet.. [DDNS Cofiguration]