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One GSM Port with one FXS port VoIP Gateway GS-1 bridges the GSM,Analog telephone,and the IP networks by enabling voice communications. It is ideal for VoIP to Local termination where a fixed telephone line (PSTN) is not available or for cellphone roaming via the a VoIP network. Significant savings on long distance charges can be realized. Low price, perfect sound quality and powerful function make GoIP GSM inevitable choice of system Integrators, traffic Business and soft switch Manufacturers.

Basic Function 

  • Support dual protocols: ITU-H.323 V4 and IETF SIP V2
  • GSM module for making GSM calls
  • Provide 1 Sim Card port with 1 FXS port VoIP Gateway
  • Support G.711 A/μ law, G.729A/B, G.723.1 Codecs
  • Support Multiple dial plans and line hunt
  • Support QoS, NAT transversal and router function
  • Support VAD, CNG, EC
Product Model
GS-1 (1-SIM Card Port)  

GS-1I (1-GSM&1-FXS

Port with Internal Antenna )