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DBL Technology Limited

        DBL Technology Ltd. is a leading company in developing and manufacturing advanced voice over IP (VoIP) solutions for the worldwide market.  We are dedicated in the development of the latest VoIP technologies, and more than 10 years in developing a wide range of IP Phones and Gateways.  The offering of high quality, innovation, affordability and flexibility inside each and every single one of our products is our commitment to you.
        Our products can be fully integrated with your systems seamlessly since DBL's VoIP products are fully compatible with the industry H.323 and SIP standards.  They have been tested extensively for compatibilities with various VoIP systems.   Technology is constantly improving, and our product’s flexibility and compatibility allows you to take full advantage of any future enhancements we make to our products and help you stay on the cutting edge of technology.    
        In order to cater to customer demand, we have developed a proprietary technology in IP encryption for better security transmission and more reliable operation from VoIP blocking.   This technology has been proven in countries where VoIP traffics are blocked by the local ISPs.  Many of our customers are very excited and pleased with the localization capabilities of our products, thus making VoIP technology possible in many countries. With our help, your business ambitions will no longer be hindered by regional limitations.
        We also have a very flexible marketing and sales strategy in order to meet to meet your specific needs.  We welcome you to contact us for further information!


HK TEL:  +852 2994 1338
Shenzhen  TEL:  +86 755 88290211
FAX:  +852 39092338